Although it has been checked many times completeness wedding preparations, sometimes still is missed in the day. Moreover, the issue of preparing for the weddingaffair was the first experience for thebride, it’s no wonder there are some things that had never previously thought was needed. Try rechecked, so as not to be left behind.

  • steamer

All clothing has been available from the start of your own weddingdress, suits the couple to dress bridesmaid. But there is always the possibility of clothingprepared tangled having to pass long trip, or simply because the ingredients are easily tangled. Prepare a steamer so that your appearance and other companion looks neat.

  • Pouch Makeup

Makeup you wear has been created in such a way that last a full day.But that does not mean touch up activities should be forgotten.Makeup artist you might also have set up a boxfull of makeup needed to touch up in the middle of the show.But it’s worthchecking that you need a personal item such as mist, or waxed paper.

  • shoe

You already have a bridal shoes,why should prepare the other shoe?Think you’ll be standing all day with bridalshoes that have never been worn before, of course there is the possibility of the feet that have not been adapted into blisters. Therefore prepare comfortable shoes that you normally wear in case the change if in the middle of the show had to give up wearing highheels.But do not take the shoes, choose a beautiful and still in harmony with the dress.

  • shirt Change

Prepare kimono or robe for makeupsessions that will be documented by a team of photographers.But other than that, do not forget to use the clothes that are not worn in it,because the mainstay pajamas you will look less presentable when caught on camera.

How,congratulations to prepare your special day.