Honeymoon for newly married couples is one form of romantic love of a marriage.Many people make the honeymoon as a moment to enjoy their wedding.

There are many interesting places that can be visited.As a reference,there are a number of the most beautiful island in Indonesia for honeymoon mandatory for you to test both for newlymarried couples or to couples who have been married a long time,because they want to feel second honeymoon.

Here are some of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia choice for honeymoon in Indonesia:

1. Nanggu Gili Islands – Lombok


Not many people know that not only the island of Lombok has a dike that amounted to three namely Trawangan,Meno and Air.On the island of Lombok still has a lot of Gili,beautiful and fascinating for honeymoon

One of them Gili Nanggu.The island is trending in talking with the state of the island still Virgin and private for the tourists. Gili Nanggu really taste wonderful privateisland.

Fine white sand, blue ocean berdegradasi clear.So it is suitable if the island Gili Nanggu we nobatkan become one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia for a honeymoon.

2. Ora Island – Maluku


Ora Island is one of the mostbeautiful islands in Indonesia which has similarities with the islands of the Maldives.Ora Maluku island is no less good with the beauty of the island Maldives.

This place is perfect for the new bride and groom or the bride and groom who want a honeymoon again.The place is far,journey to get there takes a long time.

But when it arrived at the place,the beauty of nature makes you amazed amazed with the tourist sights.

The sea is so beautiful,is also included under the sea is so amazing.Ora resort islandfamous for its wood.

If the resort in general in the mainland, if ora resort on the island is above sea water.

With under a lot of fish gorgeous resort which adds to the naturalbeauty.

3. Moyo Island – Nusa Tenggara Barat


Moyo island has become more famous after the visit of Princess Diana of England who shy away from the paparazzi.The main attraction of the island is located below the surface of the sea.

Moyo is surrounded by a natural coral reef is ideal for snorkeling.Swimming with white sharks,diving near the stingray, find a swarm of tropical fish.

Experience in the tropical waters of Indonesia will not be forgotten.The days on the island of Moyo can relax together you spend with your partner on theseafront.

Lined recliner is waiting and ready to take you into a beautiful dream.

Clear blue sea and became “Plasma TV” super clear which presents a panorama of the FloresSea and pretty.

4. Tidung – Thousand Islands


Tidung Island is one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta beautifulbeaches. One of the advantages of a beach resort on the island of Java has a relatively quiet and calm atmosphere,very suitable as relaxation for the fatigue of everyday life.

A honeymoon is also very appropriate to do on this island. Travelers can perform diving activities and enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs Tidung Island.

5. Derawan Island – East Kalimantan


Enjoy the charm of a jellyfish without the sting that exist only in two locations in the world as well as the teams play each other turtles, you will only find in Derawan, Berau.

Fly to Berau and crossed over to Derawan.Then order a specialty in Derawan Dive Lodge, Nabucco Island Resort or Derawan Dive Resort.

Enjoy the trip provided by the hotel and your honeymoon is the most unique in the world!

6. Raja Ampat – West Papua


Well, do not need to go far turned out to feel the beauty of the island of Maldives for a honeymoon with Si Him.

Simply come to Raja Ampat just you and your partner can feel like a similar experience on the island located in the Indian Ocean this.

There is a remote place name that is similar to Misool Island Maldives.

Even when compared in terms of price, stay a week on the island of Misool tantamount to stay two days in the Maldives.

7. Ubud – Bali


Tourist attractions in Ubud Bali is very famous well known, both in Indonesia and abroad, districts that have a location that is located between fields and forest flanked by ravines with rivers, which makes this location, describe a very beautiful nature.

Ubud like to have strong magical power to lovers of natural beauty, because of its very private area and environmental circumstances of beautiful and lonely.

So perfect if Ubud became a destination for honeymoon.