Asked Questions Important Vendor To Marriage

Marriage is the best moment of a lifetime awaited. For the sake of organizing the perfect wedding, brides are willing to spend money that is not small vendors and choose the best wedding.

Organizing a wedding party that means we will connect with many people from various services. For example catering, décor, sound system and lighting up a wedding dress. If you are preparing a wedding and dealing with vendors and service providers, it is important to ask things beyond the details contained in the proposal. What are some things that are important when communicating with the vendor asked wedding?

  • Services For Special Request
    On some services, such photo booth or decoration, sometimes there are things that are desirable bride for tailor-made personally. For instance backdrop design, design of picture frames, and so on. Ask vendor whether the specific design of the outside they offer, will be subject to a surcharge.
  • Adjustment By Theme
    Almost the same as point number 1, you should ask the vendor if there are additional charges for things that are adapted to the theme of your wedding. For example, a green cloth napkin Tosca, if a vendor only provides white linen napkins. Make a list of things that need to be replaced or still tolerable to be adapted to the availability of the vendor.
  • The existence of staff When H
    It is important to be asked is whether the vendor staff will be on site when the H. Particularly for service decoration, lighting, sound system and catering. Presence of staff is needed to resolve things out of control relating to the technical.

  • Rules About Damage
    Another thing that must be asked is about the damage. If there is damage, such as whether the cost of compensation, the form of loss of what is considered major damage and minor damage, is there any insurance fees charged to service users. Rules of this damage will certainly be different for each vendor.

By asking these things at the beginning, you and your partner can prepare for any contingencies that could occur when organizing the event. Hopefully this guide can help you prepare your special day well yes, Ladies.