The eyes are often the focus of makeup for the bride and groom.But ignorance and error reference will make your eye makeup looks heavy.Discuss with makeup artist wedding of your choice.Be beautiful at the wedding is definitely mandatory to achieve, but that does not mean you have to look like everyone else in your own day.

• Maximize Binar Eyes
In addition to adequate sleep and diligent use eye cream so that your face looks brighter without eyelids.Eyedrops is another secret to the eyes of the bride who looks more sparkling.Use eye drops shortly before your eye makeup to the whites of your eyes look more shining and eyes more relaxed.For make-up, fill the bottom of your eyes waterline with a white eyeliner for eyes look fresher.

• Frame Face
Eyebrow is the best frame that will shape your face as a whole.When your wedding day, eyebrows should look natural, but shaped and kept tidy.Avoid choosing colors eyebrow pencil with levels of color darker than your original eyebrows to avoid the impression of the antagonist.You can use a customized mold eyebrows face shape,and do not forget to brush with a brush so as not to look like a clot and drawn.

• Illusion Face Shape
In addition to the cheekbones,nose and jaw were given contouring, do not forget to give a firm structure in the eye. Greed dark brown eyeshadow on the crease of your eyelid.You can try a circular motion with a brush occasionally to avoid a form that looks like a line.Then use a highlighter on the brow bone and under the arch part your lips.

• False eyelashes
Regular bridal makeup with reams of false eyelashes. However, you should know the tricks so that the eyes do not look scary.Choose the most natural false eyelashes are not dramatic to be stacked on the eyelids.Do not forget to adjust the length false eyelashes beforehand by cutting before worn.Do not choose false eyelashes bottom too long. False eyelashes are too heavy,it will only make your eyes look even smaller.

• Affirmed Line Eyes
Use shaped cake eyeliner to fill the line between your eyelashes thin.Besides false eyelashes will make you look more unified,this trick will make your eyes look open.You do not need to add a thick line above so that the eyes still look natural.
Good luck and hopefully useful.