Love, marriage and marriage can not be predicted easily granted.There are a couple new 1 to 2 months met and married. There also has been courting for years but after approaching wedding day broke and the void marriage. Cancel  marriage indeed is that it can happen to anyone,anytime.Usually, when approaching wedding day,there are obstacles and barriers that must be faced by the couple.

For those who are strong and continue to fight for their relationship,they could continue the marriage and pass all obstacles. As for those who are not strong with all the obstacles,the wedding had been planned in advance could have vanished in the middle of the road.When lovers void marriage,of course this is caused by certain things.And here are some things that cause lovers marriage void.

• Infidelity
The affair became a major factor that often makes the relationship cracking and breaking.If that had been married only to divorce because of infidelity issues,of course,for those who are still going to be married very prone to dropping out also cancel the wedding.Ladies And it’s true, according to some studies, infidelity is one of the main causes why someone off the wedding.If before marriage alone can not be loyal, how can we believe that when married couples to be faithful not cheating?

• Knowing Aib Couple
While undergoing a love affair, it is strongly recommended in order to be open and honest with each other. Basically, the real true love will make people accept the good and bad partner.But, if there is no honesty and an evil day is visible, do not be surprised if the relationship that has been fostered dashed away.In fact, some people fail to get married because he knew disgrace partner.So, before we decided to marry,we must know the couple well.

• Hindered Restu Family
For some people may not be concerned about the family before he was married.But make no mistake ladies,most of the people we would be very concerned seedlings,bebet and weight of both the family before the wedding occurred. For our society, married not only unite two people, but rather, to unite two families.If one family did not approve of the wedding of their children,it is not uncommon wedding was planned had to be canceled.

• Different Confidence
Of the many cases of void marriage that occurred, mostly due to differences in beliefs.Because of differences in belief, not a few people who should be canceled not sanctioned marriage and love for the family.And usually, that marriage is still running, one partner must be willing to move the confidence to follow the belief bride or prospective husband. However,before deciding to get married, set out your feelings.Think of all the consequences that you will face when you decide to get married.Plan well your way of life as a couple.

Those are some causes that are often off the wedding. In addition to the above causes, another cause is the lack of mental readiness or being too afraid not have enough charge to get married.Ready or not, when deciding to get married, it is recommended that you think through the decisions you make.Create a mature plan when you will bring your relationship to a more serious direction that is marriage.Whatever decision you make, make sure that the decision is the best decision. Live life with a roomy and sincere. Hopefully this information is useful.