Unlike women who are free to choose the color of the weddingdress,the groom should choose a neutral colored wedding suit to wear on the wedding day.Options that suit classical models are supported with simplepieces.Of course, making your own wedding suit can be worn back on another occasion.


All agree,black is the champion of a classic appearance and always suitable to be worn on any occasion. But for events held in the summer during the day, this color should be avoided because it will look heavy.Wear on the show in the morning or evening,after which you can put them back in other formalevents.


Still want to look luxurious and classy with a modern twist, navy blue is a way out for you. Unlike other dark colors tend to be more rigid,the color is splashed aura of freshness and not only be worn during formal events only.In leisuretime, matching with jeans and sneakers.

Dark gray

The coat color must be owned by all men,not like a light gray is limited in use on different occasions,dark gray can be used while business meetings up at weddings and other formalparty.


This vintage colors that look largely forgotten because it is usually more difficult to be fitted and too easy to remember. In fact, this color will look very ideal when combined with white,and looks attractive when paired with almost all blue. The advantage,you will have a uniqueappearance that is different from the others.

Hope can be your reference.