When selecting a wedding catering menu, the food chosen usually appear from a menu mainstay is considered important and is considered safe forconsumption all the guests present at the wedding.But what if you have a favorite food that is considered to be less familiar with the tongue of a majority?

• Miniature
Suppose you and your spouse are equally enthusiast burger,but it does not fit if it presents a standard-sized burger. You can ask the catering to make miniature versions of burgers that is served as a canapé,to be a meal,mash with a little toothpick paper decorated with carved initials of your name and your partner.So it special is not it?

If your favorite food is a dessert with lots of topping options,make a food booth with a touch of DIY in it.Guests are free to choose the toppings to taste.Booth this type will also be favored by the small guests are present.

• Mobile
To show that you are a special favorite food, serve well in a way that is different from other foods.You can put the food on the tray carried around by the waiters.This method can be used for food with diverse types, or can be made with some flavor.So guests will look forward to his presence.

• Modernization
If you want, there is no harm in modifying the favorite food of the classic style with a modern twist.For example, by arranging favorite snacks with a more attractive presentation.Serve cake pinch, sago reduced, until pukis in a more varied.

Being creative for events that you have planned is very important.Moreover,for a special event for you. Congratulations to plan the day’s specials.