Flowers are plants that are dazzling. Women and men happy to receive flowers from loved ones, they feel cared for. Flowers can symbolize your feelings. If you want to attract someone’s heart with flowers, then you need to know the flower from which is given and in accordance with the conditions around you. Here are the most romantic of flowers can be your reference.

1. Roses


If you intend to express feelings of love, then the flower is very appropriate to be an option. Therefore, the flower in a variety of colors means “I love you”. Moreover, red roses show love burning.

2. Lilac


These flowers can express, “do you still love me?”. This flower first in culturation in Europe in medieval times and is still being developed until now.

3. Sunflower


This flower symbolizes fidelity, so as to give it, as if to say that you are a loyal and faithful to one’s wish. The color is beautiful and cheerful is also very suitable to give to someone.

4. Orchid


This flower has more than 25,000 species in the world. These flowers can symbolize love, beauty, and captivating. You can choose the most suitable colors to express feelings to your dream.

5. Carnations


These flowers are very durable because it can last up to three weeks after picking. This flower symbolizing admiration and pink color is perfect for a beautiful woman.

6. Lily


This very pretty flower that symbolizes beauty itself. The flower has quite a lot of color variants, such as red, yellow, and purple. Flower Lily also embodies gentleness.