When deciding to marry a beloved spouse has it ever occurred to your mind a divorce?Certainly not not?Yes because divorce is a veryTtaboo thing and certainly no couple anywhere in the world to get a divorce.

Having a happy and harmoniousMarriage relationship is certainly the desire of all couples. But in reality these hopes are merely hope,because the fact is not a few couples whose relationships are buffeted by problems and examinations.Given these problems and tests it will cause the breaking of the marriageRelationship,even the love that exists between each pair may fade,so in such circumstances it is not uncommon for many couples who prefer to end the relationship.

Problems that come and hit the marriage relationship is certainly not merely coming,because surely there are some causes behind the background.Where the cause usually comes from small things that are conscious or unconscious.Well,to be able to maintain a marriageRelationship to always be happy and harmonious then you should be able to avoid the small things below that may be toxic to your own relationship.


In the relationship required honesty between each pair. Because any small dishonesty hidden by one partner then it will eventually unfold as well.And if it happens then things like this will cause hurt and disappointment in onePartner.There are some things that are usually always hidden and dialmi by married couples,such as financial or health.

2.Violence in Marriage

Marriage relationships should contain compassion and love each other. But in fact the violence is often dialmi by someCouples,whether it is realized or unwittingly.Violence like this is one of the things that will make marriage destroyed.No one wants to be treated harshly and disrespected by others, especially those who do so are loved ones.When violence begins in marriage,happiness can not be recovered.Therefore, if the marriage you both run want to remain in harmony and happy forever then you both should be able to appreciate and treat yourPartner each with a soft and loving.

3.Lack of Communication

Communication is one of the important things that must be done to achieve a happy and harmoniousRelationship.But sometimes this is often overlooked by many couples.They are often indifferent and do not care about each other’s partner,so that the communication between them will also be reduced.If both partners lack communication,then any misunderstanding will occur. Things like this need to be realized so that harmony in marriage is always awake.Spend at least a little time both of you on the sidelines of busyness to communicate with your partner,because if like that undoubtedlyCommunication between you both will always be constructed and of course misunderstandings will be overcome.

4.Lack of Attention

The function of the implementation of marriage is binding two people into one to foster a harmonious and happy family.Marriage is not a playful thing,in a relationship of marriage two beings should be mutual respect and respect.Not only tu, they also have to help each other to help,love and care for one and the other,because likened after married couples is our soul mates that will accompany our lifeJourney to the end.Try to pay attention to your partner even if it’s small, because in addition to maintaining the relationship to stay Happy and harmonious, paying attention to the couple will make the couple always loves and loves us.


Suspicions in marriage relationships will always be there. But do not let the suspicion blindly and affect you yourself.Couples who are alwaysSuspicious and think bad will cause a slander that will make marriage life becomes less harmonious again.No one wants to be accused and stigmatized including your own spouse,therefore do not let the suspicion continue to drag on as this is a disease that will graduallyUndermine your marriage.In order for the wedding to be maintained and stay happy, then you should be able to treat the disease.

Thus some things to avoid in a marriageRelationship to remain harmonious and lasting.