tuxEveryone wants to look neat and awesome so they can impress the other people with their appeal. For the men, nothing seems to work better than tuxedos when it comes to give guarantee to the great look. Tuxedos will make the men look so fabulous. They will look formal and neat. Surely, it’s easy to catch the attention of the other people with the tuxedos. However, choosing or selecting the right tuxedo for you may not be an easy thing to do.

Not all people know that basically there are three kinds of lapels whenever we are talking about tuxedos. And yes, the most important thing is to determine the right type of lapel which is going to become the part of the tuxedo. Alright, to make it easier for you to get the right tuxedo, you can carry on reading and you’ll learn about the type of the lapels. The first type which is also the most well-known one is the notch lapel. As it name suggests, in the lapel, you can find a notch. Then, there is a peak lapel. This kind of lapel is the one which points to the upward direction.

What about the third type of the tuxedo? Well, basically, it’s not quite right to call it a tuxedo because traditionally, it was called a dinner jacket. However, in its development, in this recent time, it is often associated to the tuxedo so people are quite familiar to call this kind of outfit as tuxedo. The third type of tuxedo has satin lapel which is usually in the form of shawl. It is also possible for you to find dinner jacket to be made in the form of ivory jacket. Well, know that you have known about the types of the lapels of tuxedo, don’t you think it is easier for you to determine which one that will be more suitable with your desire and appeal?