One of the memories of the wedding party can wear forever you and yourpartner is a wedding ring.In order to remain timeless sparkle, consider some surefire tips below yuk.

• Disconnect
Some people really like to use a wedding ring whenever and wherever he is,even when taking a bath. Unfortunately, the habit was reluctant to let go of a weddingring when performing these activities wouldmake a beautiful luster quickly broken your wedding ring.

If you want your wedding ring still sparkles with beautiful forever, it helps if you remove the wedding ring while doing strenuous activities,to avoid damage.Release when you’re exercising. Sports such as tennis, requiring repetitive hand movements with holding the racket with a strong position.This will make your ring indirect contact with the handle of the racquet and can make it damaged.

• Save
If you are going to release a wedding ring to perform strenuous activity, make sure to store it in a safeplace and easy to reach.Rings with diamond stones should be placed in a separate box,or a special place jewelry because they can scratch other jewelry.

• Free from Beauty Products
Lotions, sunscreen, to perfume can affect the color of metal and stone ring.Better to first remove your current ring will use theseproducts.

• Setting Gem
Perform setting gems every six months to make sure stones or gems are laid out on the ring you are in place and adhered to closely.Especially for a ring with a large stone.

• Stay Clean
Keep always the cleanliness of your ring. If you do not havetime to clean it in a jewelry store,you can clean yourself at home using a gentle cleaning lotion containing, scrub using a toothbrush slowly and then rinse with warm water.

Those are some tips for keeping your wedding ringsparkle stay beautiful forever. May be useful.