DO NOT be embarrassed to call the call dear to the couple in front of the children. This foster closer family ties.
Honey, Dear, Love, Babe, Mi Amor or make affectionate nickname for a very good partner in marriage. Moreover, if the title was called in front of the children. Here’s a good reason why the call dear children need to be played.

Examples of affection

The love of a mother and father should not be hidden behind the bedroom door. Children need to see and hear their parents’ love. By kissing, hugging and calling each other pet names, you give an example of how to show affection to one another.

Convincing children, parents harmonious

Whenever the children see the parents show love, they felt safe in the family. In fact, if you have a problem, call affection is a confirmation that your relationship with a healthy partner.

Teach them about love

Love can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Bring roses home to his wife, cook your husband’s favorite foods and staying up all night sewing costumes for children, is a proof of love. Calling your husband affectionately also an example of love.

Tell kids a unique relationship

By providing a unique name for the pair, it appears a unique relationship between the two. The nickname is a special form of affection. This means your relationship is closer than friends. It is deeper and meaningful.