There are many things a woman can do and without you knowing it was all pretty amazing actually.Child care, care of the husband, understand and tolerate all differences within the family and even work,you are a super woman.

Women are respected is a woman who can be a good wife.But you know whatdoes make a good wife to her husband? There are so many things that turned out to be needed by the man as a husband against his wife.

1. Someone he could trust (not only in loyalty, but also in terms of maintaining confidentiality,drawbacks,ignorance, and fear strange behavior.

2. Someone who can support him in full despite the unstable conditions such as job loss,accidents and pursue other dreams are far from the word”rich”.

3. A person who has a strong desire to achieve goals.Not only spoiled, spoiled,dependent and troublesome.

4. A person who wants to spend time with every day with him but also did not hesitate when thetask should be left out of town for a month or more.

5. Someone who can give satisfaction to make love every time.Although not everything, but the intimacy so important points maintain domesticharmony.
6. Someone who can accept its shortcomings but also want to help him deal with these shortcomings and become better.

7. Someone who could be invited to share, ask for opinions, discussion and debate on how even the difficulties and arguments that came out, it would not be a serious problem which destroys household.

8. Someone that always surprised in many ways positive.Someone who is always able to impress and make life not boring.

9. Someone that is honest with what he felt.You must be honest to recognize what you are feeling. Not to just to the wishes of her husband, was actually makes you unhappy.Your husband would want you happy.

10. A person who wants to know everything about it,and grow old with him.

Not much different with the wishes of the woman or wife, the point is almost the same. In a relationship must be mutual reciprocity, to understand each other.If you could be a woman like this, the husband will be more dear. Hopefully this information is useful to you and your family.