The wedding ceremony is a sacred moment. Many couples who can not wait for that moment to happen. Formerly the wedding ceremony is quite simple and traditional. Now, times have changed. People are now beginning to shift towards the lavish wedding ceremony. The main objective conduct many wedding ceremony is to impress others and to be highly regarded in the community.

Currently, all the world needs is more expensive of course not everyone is able to replace the old. If you want to have a lavish wedding ceremony, would require a lot of money for payment such as the wedding hall, decoration, photography, wedding dresses, and the most important is the food.

For those of you who want to hold a lavish wedding ceremony, the following list of most expensive place to hold a lavish wedding ceremony that you can consider:

1. Manhattan
Manhattan is the largest city in the world who were referred to a lavish wedding ceremony. The average cost of a wedding held here is worth US $ 76,328. While the cost of the reception place is US $ 30,401. With a very high cost, it managed to make it as the most expensive city in the world for a lavish wedding ceremony. Although it is expensive, but there are still many people who nuptials here because this city has many beautiful places for a wedding and a lovely place to shoot.

2. Chicago
Chicago is referred to as the second most expensive wedding destinations worldwide. Estimated average cost of weddings here is US $ 50,934, while the cost of the reception of nearly US $ 21,803. The price of an event covers a different cost of musicians and floral decorations. There are many hotels and clubs here to hold a wedding. Estimates of the people who live there the average is US $ 60,564.

3. Philadelphia
Philadelphia finished third in the list of most expensive place to get married. Because the cost of a traditional wedding ceremony here is worth US $ 44,090, while the average cost is US $ 20,351 reception. Estimated cost of the wedding is already included decorations, band, transportation, flowers, and the place and its contents. In Philadelphia, there are many beautiful places and liked by people to hold a wedding. In addition, there are many places to get the photographs that look luxurious and elegant.

4. Rhode Island
Rhode Island is a small country that is very expensive to get married because the average cost of a typical wedding here is US $ 41,914. The place is very rich and is known throughout the world. It also covers many amazing historical sites which became the main attraction. For people who come from all over the world and want to get married here, no need to bother to think everything is provided for event planners to hold a wedding here. However, the event planner it is much more expensive than planning your own.

5. San Francisco
San Francisco is a place that has the advanced technology. Estimated average cost of weddings here is US $ 39,690, while the cost of the reception was US $ 18,381. The people of San Francisco has a very high standard of living, and spend more for the wedding expenses. In marriage, there will usually be a musician is invited to fill in a wedding ceremony. The cost for these musicians valued at US $ 818, which would make it more expensive compared to other wedding destinations.