If you use glasses, would you use it at your wedding?For those of you who are not familiar with the use of contact lenses, and can not see clearly without glasses or because it is convenient to use,then wearing glasses is the right solution.

Here are some tips that you can do to make it look stunning but still wearing glasses on your wedding day.

• Be natural
Glasses will certainly steal the show,and therefore remains to be natural, let your face look inconspicuous.If you are using shades of smokey eyes in the eyes,then use a softer lipstick color.And if you want to use lipstick striking,then let ornament in your eyes lighter without strong color.

• Choosing the right eyelashes
False eyelashes used to add charm to your eyes.But when you use glasses, long eyelashes can actually turn into a disaster.In addition to complicate youdetermine visibility,comfort between the eye and the glasses will be disrupted. Consult with makeup artist wedding of your choice.Use false eyelashes which have a medium size,not too long,to make it look more natural.

• Avoid secondhand spectacles
The use of glasses could leave some scars on your face.One thing that is often seen is a red mark located around your nose.In order to avoid this,use some beauty products thatcan cover the spot to make it more neutral.

• Pay attention to your eyebrows
Using the glasses does not mean you do not needto pay attention to other parts of the eye,such as the eyebrows for example.In fact, the attention will be focused precisely glasses on youreyes.Thus, have a beautiful eyebrow shape is a must.Take the time to follow beauty care package can make your eyebrows look more presentable.

• Choose the best
Choose black eyeglass frames neutral.As an alternative, try tochoose glasses that fit to your wedding event.You can try to choose a style with a touch of classic retro sunglasses or choose a style that is a trend complete with shades and patterns that suit your wedding theme.
Good luck!