Marriage element that always Delayed by bride

Procrastinator is a problem that often haunt every couple bride during the wedding preparations. Some of the wedding preparations additions that you think can be solved with a short time, it also requires significant preparation. Here are the three elements of the series of events that marriage should not be forgotten.

  • Wedding ring
    For the wedding, the wedding ring is one of the important elements that should not be missed. In some certain customary marriage dowry even more important than the wedding ring itself. Wedding dowry often linked to family honor, especially the groom’s family. The shape can vary ranging from precious metals, money, and other objects in accordance customs regulations. Discuss carefully. Make sure both parties have approved the family will be given a wedding ring on the wedding day.
  • Music
    Choosing the right music for the wedding ceremony and reception circuit is not as easy as you think. Discuss with your partner. It is better if you make a list of songs you like. Make sure the song choices are considered co-represent your musical tastes and couples.

  • Honeymoon
    Most couples who delay to plan the honeymoon did it because not knowing the rest of the money held after the wedding. If this happens to you, you better make a simple plan honeymoon trip before the savings accumulated for the next trip. Believe me, after the wedding preparations are stressful enough, you need a holiday as a couple as a wonderful start to a foster home. Do not rush when choosing a honeymoon destination. Take advantage promo tickets that are now emerging that you can more easily realize your dream.

Setting up a wedding is very important and need extra patience. Well, congratulations to prepare your wedding party.