You may have to prepare themselves with beauty care and health ahead of the wedding and honeymoon. However, when the moon madusesungguhnya arrive, which should be done by you and your partner are enjoying the good times and not diribetkan with care long ritual. Better to enjoy the honeymoon and siasati beauty care to keep luminous while relaxing in a dream location.

• Pack
Pack your liquid products, gels and aerosols in small packs special traveling and separate in a transparent container. Better you do not pack the products are easily spilled inside the suitcase, to prevent the product was defective or even contaminate your other clothes. Sunscreen, deodorant, toothpaste is something that must be taken, add mosquito lotion or spray, band aid, and sederat personalized medicine as a precaution. Do not forget body moisturizer, hair vitamins in small packs and wet tissue to remove makeup with the practical. If you want more easily, no need to bring shampoo and soap, just use provided by the hotel.

• Wave Beach
If you are honeymooning in the coastal area, then it’s time you enjoy a beautiful hair look natural due to air and salt water beaches. No need to worry looks messy, you only need to add a little conditioner, and hair accessories like a scarf for the night, then you will get the look chic without excessive effort.

• Two in One
Why not use lotions that can be used on the face and on the body as well. This way will definitely save space in your suitcase. Use multifunction products such as petroleum jelly that not only moisturizes the lips, but also softens the cuticle and hair care. For makeup, use lip and cheek tint that are small but can be used as lipstick, eye shadow blush even simultaneously.

• Preparing
Perform beauty treatments before the honeymoon, so you do not have to bother to take care of your body when the day arrives. After manicure and pedicure, nail polish and seal with gel so that the color is durable and not easy to peel. Do facials before flying into a tourist destination, or it could be routine before the hair cream bath battered by the weather has changed and allows changing the texture becomes coarse. Hopefully this article useful to you.