Tension, stress, or hot weather can trigger excessive sweating.Sweating is the body’s normal reaction to cooling. However,at weddings when you want to look up, certainly do not want if you experience excessive sweating that interferes confidence.Especially if you sweat production cause body odor.Do the following to prevent sweat on the wedding day.

• Pay attention to food
Avoid spicy foods and caffeinated ahead of your wedding day.Even in the morning when the urge to consume very strong coffee.Caffeine and spicy foods can stimulate acetylcholine-producing neutransmitter excessive sweating.

• Cold Water Shower
Cold shower to start the day would bring more benefits on your wedding day.In addition to helping the body feel more refreshed throughout the day, not cold water as hot water can trigger your body to make you look Bloated hard wearing wedding dress.No need to use very cold water.Enough water normal temperature is not too warm.

• Setting Spray
Sweat makes your makeup quickly fade.Do not forget to use makeup setting spray that is able to withstand sweat after berias so makeup stays in place all day.Settingspray with makeup,sweat would not be suddenly dripping from your sweat.Consult with your choice of wedding makeup artist.

• Air Circulation time of reception
Make sure your chosen wedding halls, have good air circulation and air conditioning functioning.You can also place a portable air conditioner or fan around the stage a wedding to make sure you and your partner are free of hot air. If a party at an outdoor location,it would not hurt to bring a small fan in your hand.

Look up at the time of thewedding reception is essential,lest excessive sweating interfere with your performance. Good luck and hopefully useful.