Married couples recently completed, directly into early stage in the foster home. Each partner will expect a happy and lasting marriage although the journey can not be separated from the challenges and the variety of existing trials, it is a test for the pair.

You need to know some secrets that you can apply in the household so that your wedding happily ever after:

1. They are open with each other.
Couples who do healthy characteristics is discussed and shared. Sometimes accompanied by arguments and disagreements. It is natural, really. They were talking about things that are important in their opinion. Instead, to watch out for are couples who never fight, they might not actually being honest with himself, about what he feels.

2. They were curious
Further their curiosity about her partner. It came naturally, not far-fetched. They asked each other, and always open to new things. Remember the early days of first met? You filled with curiosity and wanted to know her, right? Guess it will not change even been together in a long time. Because, basically, instinctively, everyone must have an interest in new things, new pleasures, hence it is not possible pair we continue to be a new person.

3. They have sex on a regular basis
Sex is the secret of a lasting relationship partner. Although not everything, sex is a fairly important part. If anyone asks, how normal frequency of sexual intercourse lasting partner ?. Indeed, there is an opinion 2 or 3 times a week, but that’s not the answer. Routine that depends on how the parties define it. Routine could mean once a week or even once a month (for example, for those who live a long distance marriage). Each person is different type.

4. Move on from the past.
Everybody’s got a past, also the former. Healthy couples who do not impose on their partner to make him happy and able to resolve his past. Do not carry a couple in trouble with your ex.

5. They give each other space
Envied couples everywhere always together? Wait a minute, they are not necessarily perfect. Togetherness too often is not always good. Couple lasting usually even give each other personal space and time for themselves and their partners. Be careful, too often together can make a person lose our identity. You may, anyway, got me time and remains a beloved figure by a couple in a marriage.

6. They are also human beings
Humans sometimes do wrong, what else in a serious relationship like marriage. We are all susceptible doing wrong and hurt the couple. No man is free from errors. Live how to respond, apologize or forgive, and communicate with your partner.

7. They each grow
Couple that healthy relationship of mutual growth and evolution. They strive to be a better person. Not glued to the routine and do not refuse to change.