Are you currently preparing a wedding?Makeup affairs will certainly be an important one to note.Given the show you would probably be a very long walk, makeup on your face should still look fresh.The secret to your makeup to look perfect and durable:

1. High SPF foundation
High SPF containing Titanium Dioxide, where this material will react with the light flash from a camera that will make your skin look pale.The stylists advise to use SPF 15 which has proven looks perfect in the light of a camera flash.

2. Eyes
Precedence on the eye.Clean the area of ​​your eyelid and then begin to apply the eyelids, eyelashes and then your eyebrows.If there is residual eye shadow, you can use the remover to clean.It is very easy than you start the makeup on the skin first.

3. Makeup Base
Makeup base applied before foundation.This product will even out skin tone, stabilizing the condition of the skin so that skin protected from excess oil,and most importantly so that the foundation does not go into the inner layer of the skin.Do not forget to choose the color makeup base that is close to your skin tone.If you do an outdoor wedding,use makeup base with sunscreen.

4. Concealer
Dab concealer after foundation.This concealer is used to cover the black color under the eyes and acne scars.Use your fingertips to put concealer on the area in need.If you have previously used other products correctly,you can ignore concealer.

5. Powder
Do not go overboard when using talc powder.Use a large sponge to smooth fine powder on your face. If excessive skin will look pale and unnatural.Choose a soft powder powder granules then provide information only on the areas that need it.Suppose you want the feel”glowy makeup”,provide information only in the course T-Zone(forehead, nose and chin).The above tips you can discuss with your stylist beauty that during the wedding ceremony looks perfect your appearance.