When selecting a wedding catering menu, the food chosen usually appear from a menu mainstay is considered important and is considered safe forconsumption all the guests present at the wedding.But what if you have a favorite food that is considered to be less familiar with the tongue of a majority?

• Miniature
Suppose you and your spouse are equally enthusiast burger,but it does not fit if it presents a standard-sized burger. You can ask the catering to make miniature versions of burgers that is served as a canapé,to be a meal,mash with a little toothpick paper decorated with carved initials of your name and your partner.So it special is not it?

If your favorite food is a dessert with lots of topping options,make a food booth with a touch of DIY in it.Guests are free to choose the toppings to taste.Booth this type will also be favored by the small guests are present.

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