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Solution Strategies for Problems in Wedding Day Beauty

Solution Strategies for Problems in Wedding Day Beauty

The wedding day should be the happiest moment for every bride. But of course as everyone feared, there are always uncontrollable situations that could spoil the mood. Especially when it comes appearance. Every woman would want to look perfect in her wedding dress. Do not let stress overwhelm you and are trying to address in an appropriate manner.

  • Waking up with Puffy Eyes
    Place two metal spoons in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes. Drink a glass of lemon water to detoxify the body immediately. When the spoon is enough frozen, place it on the eyelids and leave for a few minutes. Additionally, you can also compress the eye using an ice cube wrapped in a towel.
  • Hiccups Not Stop
    Hiccups usually do not last long. However, if the hiccups do not go stop immediately drink a sip of water as he closed your ears. Repeat this several times until the hiccups stop completely.
  • pimple
    The best thing to do is come to a dermatologist and ask cortisone injections to eliminate them quickly. But if you want to do it yourself, you could be just reddish immediately cover with mint toothpaste and leave it as long as possible. If pimples appear suddenly on the wedding day, do not worry. Makeup artist usually accustomed to deal with acne use concealer and powder on it.
  • Mascara fade
    Typically this can happen if the bride was crying for emotion. Use tweezers to remove the mascara. Then, apply concealer under the eye area and add foundation. Dab the powder thereafter in order to create long-lasting makeup.

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Classic Hair Styles for Wedding Day

Classic Hairstyles for Wedding Day

Choosing a hairstyle for the usual party and the wedding day of course different. When determining the order for parties sometimes are confusing, especially for a wedding, where you are the center of attention. You certainly want to look up in the most special days in your life are. In order for the chosen hairstyle looks perfect, here are some surefire suggestions that can help you.

1. Do not Overuse
Simple hair style selection is the key. Hairstyle for the wedding day is about the shape, texture and volume. Your display should still look natural, but still does not lose its perfect form. Everything comes from a combination of natural hair color with a classic style arrangement.

2. Be Yourself
You always want to show the best, but still appear as yourself. For example, for women who claim to have a relaxed personality, choose a simple hairstyle. For someone who is soft and romantic, choose the hairstyle that digerai with a little wave at the edges. Hair someone will say true classic when they blend with his personality, not just because suitable for all eras.

3. Dressage
Hair must be in harmony with your wedding concept. If your wedding brings the concept of organic, then the same goes with your hair. Not meant to be messy, but it should look as natural as possible. Marriage is very formal, should be followed by a model or a chignon buns come off cleanly minimalist. Continue reading

Things to Do It Together Couple At Wedding Day

Things to Do It Together Couple At Wedding Day

Marriage is one of the happiest moments in one’s life. Therefore surely everyone wants her wedding went perfectly with the full impression. Various preparations list your attention during the wedding planning process. If you are among those who organized, of course you tend to want to do everything perfectly.Unfortunately, it is sometimes even make you as a bride fatigue and forget the most important thing, which is to enjoy the specialday and special moments with her husband. Just look at the three things that you should not forget, to do with a beloved partner in the wedding party.

  • Spend a moment in time
    All who have ever been married felt how the wedding day will be felt passed so quickly. Therefore, it is important to enjoy every second of it. After all the procession is completed, take some time also with a partner.Take in everymoment, take the time to just talk in private, and to share what they felt on that day.
  • Do not Be Afraid to indulgence in romance
    Wedding photographer team will surely take you to an intimate pose in order to get the best documentation. However, do not wait to be redirected.This is a good day to be intimate with each other. Holding hands, a warm hug, to kiss will feel more special on the weddingday.
  • Signs Eye Specialties
    In western countries, exchanging gifts between husband and wife on the wedding day is not unusual to do. This is usually done as a sign of mutual concern and mutual remember forever.Do not always have to be a gift, you can exchange love letters, song lyrics or just memories of a brief message stating howmuch you love her. It will be a sweet unforgettable memories.

Do not forget to do three things super important is yes.Hopefully this article can be an inspiration to you.

How to Eliminate nervous on Wedding Day

How to Eliminate nervous on Wedding Day

Although the bride claimed relaxed even when the wedding date draws near, it seems there is still a sense of nervousness that still haunt.Are you just worried, or even emotional face this weddingpreparations. Nervousness is something that can be overcome. At least minimized. Peek into some way to dispel the nervous!

  • Breathe Aromatherapy. Fragrances are a powerful way to affect mood calm. Humans can even remember certain scents at a givenmoment, and feel the emotions I’ve ever felt. Discover the fragrances that can soothe you. Some people may feel at ease with lavender, but there are also people who loved basil.Discover that matches your personality.
  • Note Intake Eating and Drinking. What you enter into your body will certainly affect the mood and even thoughts. Remember that food is fuel for your body.Give the body the right fuel to avoidstress. Stay away from drinks with high caffeine levels so that emotions do not explode.
  • Know Thyself. Processing of human emotions in different ways. For those who are introverted, which is important when facing nervousness may be quiet, but not one as well if you include personal extrovert wants to avoid nervousness in a way to have fun with friends and forget about the problem for a moment.Make sure you can express yourself as you wish, and of course be able to communicatewell with all those associated with you.

Well, that’s some easy tips to overcome nervousness on the wedding day. May be useful.

5 Important Objects You Need On Your Wedding Day


Although it has been checked many times completeness wedding preparations, sometimes still is missed in the day. Moreover, the issue of preparing for the weddingaffair was the first experience for thebride, it’s no wonder there are some things that had never previously thought was needed. Try rechecked, so as not to be left behind.

  • steamer

All clothing has been available from the start of your own weddingdress, suits the couple to dress bridesmaid. But there is always the possibility of clothingprepared tangled having to pass long trip, or simply because the ingredients are easily tangled. Prepare a steamer so that your appearance and other companion looks neat. Continue reading



Beauty of the world when we are in love.Day was flowery and the sun is always shining brightly in the blue sky.Drizzle which made the atmosphere more romantic and therainbow that appeared after the colors that add to the beauty of the day.

But it’s all nothing more beautiful when a relationship formalized by marriage.The earth seemed to shake welcome wedding, and the birds chirping accompany the beautiful musical accompaniment wedding event.

The world seemed to belong to both, nothing can beat the happiness when married.A festive party with a beautiful wedding cake and accompanied by professional bands that are all governed by a professional wedding organizer.

All the beautiful moments immortalized byphotographer reliable so make remarkable impression on the wedding day. Hopefully this blog can help you in planning and implementing your wedding.Thanks.

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