Many couples in this world (the husband), it will not ask you to do certain things to make her happy.They will think you are going to do based on your sensitivity to it,your understanding and your own will on the basis of love andaffection.

But sometimes the women as wives not all of them could apply sensitive, understand what is wanted of her husband. Not that you two already know eachother and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other,this relationship you so let it flow.In domestic life, you also need the spice that your wedding durable husband and happy to have you.

• Show concern
Not you are hungry for attention, the husband also need to be addressed,show that you are also interested in knowing about his life.Did you ever know what it likes to do at leisure or items to have?You also have to “marry”with her life.

• Always there to help
Like women,men also need your help.Because you go through life together,you also need to share the responsibility. Do not just be a hassle, you need to be a wife who makes her calm as you perform your responsibilities as a wife well.

• I Love You and Thank You
There is no harm say “I love you”once in a while to strengthen your bond back.And multiply say “thank you” and “sorry”. Although he will still forgive you,but it shows that you are sincere to say it would make her relief.

• Give him time to have fun themselves
Many men are afraid of commitment for fear of pleasure when thesingle will wrenched. Ensure him that after he worked,to help take care of children and the house,he could do a hobby or go out with friends to enjoy their own time.

• Food and laughter
You will always be able to win the hearts ofmen with a delicious cuisine,especially if you create one yourself.A husband will be very thankful when his wife could give him a little pleasures like home cooking and joking with him.

So,already understand now what can you do to make a husband happy to have you as his wife?Do it now.