Wedding date and weddingVenue has been obtained, then what should you do? Yeah, then what is done is to determine the theme and concept that will be realized.Once the appropriate color is selected, it’s time to do other tasks!

1.Meet the Florist

Once you have determined the desired color,meet the florist to discuss the bouquet and the centerpieces.Florist You should know the color scheme before making a decision regardingSsuitable flowers.

2.Choose Bridesmaids Gown

Start researching the model of theBridesmaids dress you want,and what colors match. Bridesmaids dresses may be a major component of the color scheme,especially when they are accompanying you walking into the aisle.

3.Select Jas

Do a little research to determine what color of the groom suits match your color scheme. Use Pinterest,or consider meeting with a designer who understands the choice of suit. Groomsmen will usually make a suit whenApproaching the wedding day,but still you need to find information from the beginning about the appropriate suit.

4.Define a Bridal Fashion Designer

After choosing a color scheme,you can start looking for designers that match the theme of the weddingParty.Do a little research with social media,and collect examples of wedding dresses that match the colors.

5.Create Invite

Now the invitation can already start in the design with the selected color scheme.This card will be better if done faster,because you can send save-the-date information.

6.Decorative Research

Decorations ranging from linen, color of cutlery,lighting to decorative elements begin to adjust the color and shape settings.Be careful to put things together,you have to look in detail. Because however small objects will be placed throughout the location and attract the attention of guests.

How? Ready to prepare the weddingParty according to the dream?