Makeup tests done to get an idea as to what yousee later on when it becomes a bride.Although a lot of time to fix makeup that it is less appropriate,it does not mean nothing should be prepared before the makeup test.Do these things in order to test the makeup is notpassed in vain.

• Hair washing
Before trying hairdressing,wash and dry hair with a hairdryer in the night before the makeup test will be performed. If your hair is dry type,do wash it two days earlier.Avoid washing your hair on the same day when the hair will be styled, because it will be more difficult to set up.

• Eyebrow Shaping
Began to pay attention to your eyebrows and shape with experts.Alis formed to exactly fit the shape of the face will enhance the makeup is applied.Shape before the makeup test will also beuseful to know where the eyebrow part needs to be allowed to grow and if the shape is appropriate.

• Bring Hair Accessories
Do not forget to bring a hair accessory to match the chosen hairstyle.When tests using accessories,you will be able to decide whether tostay or not to wear accessories,hair style or replace it necessary.

• To Dermatologist
Make a visit to the dermatologist and consult health of your skin before makeup.Can also choose esthetician,to prepare the skin,or simply to shave fine hairs around the face so as not to interfere.

• Prepare Reference
Prepare some of the best makeup references obtained from the print or electronic media.Expressed a desire to wedding makeup artist of your choice.No need to bring too much because it will actually add it difficult to decide.

• Bring Dress Photo
Your wedding dress may not be while doing makeup tests,but you can bring a picture or photo dress is almost like your wedding dress,to illustrate the makeup and hair makeup what is roughly match thedress yours.

Makeup fitting and fit will make you into a special appearance at the H.So take advantage of makeup tests as possible. Congratulations mencoba.Semoga this article useful to you.