Wear a beautiful wedding dress is a dream of every bride. They want to look beautiful and attractive so it became the center of attention at her wedding. Then think of the mature models and design a wedding dress became the most crucial thing for the bride. Whether it be a dress or contemporary fashion.

Choosing a wedding dress is not easy, because the desire to be perfect and rich assortment of dresses models can be very confusing. But it can be overcome by taking into account the following:

1. Do not hurry
Choosing a wedding dress should be done ahead of time before the wedding date, at least six months. You want the best for this particular day, then no need to rush to choose a wedding dress to wear. Find some recommendations or boutique bridal salon, wedding dress design references from the Internet or magazines to get the best dress.

2. Sketch your own clothes
Did not find a wedding dress as you wish? Why not sketch own clothes, then ask for help on a tailor. You can express any desired models, combines a variety of ideas that have been collected from the Internet or magazines, even add accessories to their own. Want a simple dress, or has a touch of couture, everything can dikreasikan as desired

3. Focus on the Top
Wedding dress should be focused on the top. That is, ornaments such as embroidery, sequins, crystals or beads more applied on top of clothing. Why? Because guests will usually focus viewed from the face of the bride to the torso area. It’s okay to add the ornaments on the bottom or train but portions should be duplicated at the top. Besides the wedding photographs, your face will be more exposed. So if the budget for a wedding dress is fairly limited but still want to look glamorous, provide more servings to decorate the top of clothing.

4. Choose a wedding dress with a silhouette of the Classic
First identify your body shape, new silhouettes specify the most suitable dress. About color and material selection can be done later. Cut dresses, A-line that extends to the bottom, or a princess-style dress might make an appearance looks grand and fancy. But the model does not necessarily match the shape of your body. Perhaps, you will look more beautiful with a mermaid cut dress, ballgown or fishtail. Remember that the shape of the body (not the size of the body), especially in determining the silhouette of the dress you will wear. Once you know your body shape and silhouette right, just think to choose the type of neckline, with or without straps dresses, colors, materials and decoration ornaments.

5. Make An Appointment in the Morning with Designer
If you decide to buy yourself or sew a wedding dress than a lease, you should make an appointment with the designer in the morning. A designer, or stylist famous tailors will usually handles many clients a day. As the day, the more the client’s wishes should be accommodated and it can make them tired and less focused. Moreover, in the afternoon or evening when the boutique or workshop will already be closed. Then the best time to talk about the design or model of your wedding dress is in the morning, when the bridal consultant and designer ideas are still fresh and excited to be consulted.