If love wants to last long,then you also need effort,one of which is establishing goodCommunication. It seems easy,but you can not underestimate thePower of communication if you want your relationship to work.

Dr. Deborah Sandella, psychotherapist and author of bestseller Goodbye Hurt & Pain cites various studies and says,”If one of the couple is able to be patient, compassionate and willing to give in to his or her partner,it is likely that theRelationship will last forever.”But you should also know that the wrong way of communication can also damageRelationships.

1.Not asking interesting questions

Your curiosity is proof of love for her.You are too ignorant and just ask “Office isFine?” And in the end he just said “Yeah.”In the end he failed to express his feelings.

2.Talk in the wrong tone

Intonation while speaking also affects acceptance of meaning for the otherPerson. If you accidentally use high notes regularly,he thinks you are angry or do not want to be disturbed and win on your own. Lower your emotions,speak with good tone andIntonation.

3.Not a good listener

Everyone needs someoneWho can be a place to vent,especially if it can be obtained from the couple.Be a figure who can be a good listener,the place pours restless and’passed away when tired’.

4.Take it for granted

You think it should be yours,you do not think that he might move to another heart if you do not try to defend it.In the end you treat him as freely as you yourself without knowing how he really feels.

This good communication is affected by the maturity of each person’s emotional intelligence.So, both you and your partner can maintain a relationship if you can avoid the aboveCommunication errors.