Ladies, who is not happy when he’s applying for and wants to make your life partner?All women would want that to happen, and if it had been planning a wedding,you will surely be busy activity with the event choosing a weddingdress.

You might like to look around a model wearing a wedding dress in a magazine,all look nice and pretty.But in fact,not everyone has a high posture slim as they are fit to wear any dress.There are several models of dresses suitable for a particular bodyshape.

• If you have a petite body posture,you should avoid cuts short dress and have a lot of fabric piled.Choose a dress with an A-line,straight down or trumpet shape.

• For example,as shown in the following,the line vertical detail will give the impression of a slim andtall with a simple decoration.Form fitted with delicate tulle skirt,a perfect way to give a high body silhouette.

• You also can choose silk material that falls to give theimpression of a sleek and cleavage V extends down like this.

• Form A line like this would create the impression of long legs and cover the shortfall in the hips.You can also choose kebaya with high cuts on the legs to give the impression of long legs.

• trumpet gown with lace and a V-neckline as this is also a beautiful setting for the tiny body.Or choose a simplewhite elongated without much decoration, because it focuses on the proportion of the body slim and tall.

Well, already interested in choosing a dress Ladies like what?Be sure to look as good as possible in theevent you happy.